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Hi I’m Carol Stinson, full time real estate investor,  success coach and creator of The Real Estate Den.

I have spent the past decade in the trenches learning how to earn a six figure income through real estate. During this time I have spent thousands of dollars learning from some of the top real estate investors in the country only to find out that the best lessons are learned through trial and error. Sooo after countless hours and many painstaking lessons learned I now have this thing down to a science. 

One thing that I learned early on in my career was the importance of connecting with others who “get me” and share my vision of success. Not only connecting with like minded real estate investors, but learning from them and being able to ask questions and get guidance when I felt stuck. 

These relationships played a HUGE role in my success! Without then I am not sure that I would have made it through the challenges and roadblocks that I faced along the way. 

Let me ask you, have you ever just felt stuck in all of this? You go through all the motions, putting everything you learned into play and then…. YOU JUST GET STUCK! 

Maybe your stuck right now? 

Maybe your stuck because you can’t find properties, can’t get a deal closed or just can’t get past your roadblocks of fear and self doubt?

That’s where that relationship with someone who has already achieved success in real estate, who has already overcome the challenges that you are facing in your journey, becomes so crucial for your success.

 I have good news for you! 

There are 5 very successful real estate investors right here in The Den ready to get you past “stuck” and help you keep it moving. 

The Real Estate Den coaches go live each week with our den members and share their high performance strategies & tips, answer questions and give advice and guidance. They have even packed The Den with their own education and resources to help our members be successful. 

Our expert coaches are ready to help you:

  • Get unstuck, breakthrough the boundaries and roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving the success that you desire.
  • Learn revolutionary real estate strategies that are effective in generating continuous profit in today’s real estate market.
  • Develop a mindset that will back your vision for success.
  • Become more productive, focused and motivated.

How you benefit by becoming a member...

Everything Is Included

Weekly Strategy Sessions

As a member you will gain immediate access to everything in The Den and you will be able to join our coaches as they go live each week with our members. 

As a member you can join weekly strategy sessions with our expert coaches on real estate strategies that are proven to generate massive profit in today’s real estate market. Mindset development & time management skills that will help you be more focused, more effective and more successful.

Training Library

Community Support

Access to on demand training with revolutionary, applicable strategies and tactics that you can start implementing immediately.

Be a part of an active community of entrepreneurs just like you, who share your vision. Get the support you need as well as perspective and guidance from people who have already achieved success and are ready to help others reach their vision.

The Den Community

Resources & Education

Join like-minded, supportive members who “get you” and the dream your chasing. Get help when you need it, from our expert coaches.

Direct access to resources and cutting edge real estate education . .

The Real Estate Den is a growing community of people, just like you, who are passionate about changing their life and achieving financial independence through real estate.

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